About Us


Cow Hide Co was created in 2017 as a source for our customers to purchase beautiful cowhides, zebra skins, sheepskins and a few game skins. We wanted to supply our customers with the highest quality hides and the widest variety as well as remain at an affordable price.
As well as our natural hides, we have sourced and created stunning designer hides that have undergone acid wash processes, stamping and foil techniques - something for the trend-setters!
We just absolutely love being able to appreciate something so natural and so beautiful in our homes. We also love our customers, which is why we strive each day for great customer service and assistance in helping our customers find “that perfect hide”.

Each hide is specifically handpicked for it's natural colouring and unique qualities. This aids us in ensuring our customers receive beautiful, high quality, gorgeous hides that they would not be able to find anywhere else.

Our hides are sourced from various parts of the world therefore they are not Nguni Cattle. We prefer to keep various cattle breeds rather than just one to broaden our offering to our customers. Cowhides are a bi-product of the meat industry and therefore are sourced legally from ethically-focused tanneries, no animal is hunted for it's skin. 

Culling licenses are strictly controlled by government and wildlife organisations.

Why not Nguni cattle?

Personally we prefer the cut of the hides as they keep and follow the organic shape rather than have cut-off edges as nguni cattle are known for. Nguni cattle are indigenous to South Africa and we cannot be certain of the ethical practices found locally.

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions should you require any further information regarding our product, payment and cowhide care.